Sharing the experiences of a traveling yogini with a minimalistic gypsy soul. 

What is Bohom?

Bohom (“bo-home” or “boh-om”) is making good vibes your home. Being comfortable in your own skin to be authentically your healthiest and happiest self. And of course, there is the mantra “om” linked to it as well.

It is an outlet and a community for passionate, positive and real life. It is a way of sharing how one finds their good vibes and spreading the lifestyle with those who are also interested in such a life.

A few things you’ll find on here:

  • Yoga- Yoga Practices, videos, tips, pictures, yogeverything <3
  • Massage Therapy- a menu of what I offer.
  • Health- some recipes here and there, or just tips and things I learn as well!
  • Slackin’ off- slackline tips, tricks and whatnot ;P
  • Travel- tips, experiences, reviews and more!
  • Shoutouts to gear, people and more for their never-ending awesomeness.

And a lot of random blog posts along the way. Life is not focused on one thing, so why should we be?! There’s too much out there to limit my interest. I have hobbies yet to find and a lot to learn! Welcome to my outlet!

So, let’s learn and grow together. I’m excited to have you on this journey 🙂

The Minimalistic Gypsy-

I am Jess (Joy) – the face behind the camera, and/or pen of Bohom Life.

A few of my credentials:

My passions are for yoga, health, and happiness. Things I am always working on and growing with. I figured a lot of us are on the same path here- striving to be our most authentic selves, being free to be you and completely happy about it! So I thought that sharing my journey, thoughts, and life lessons with you (along with yoga practices and all that good stuff) might benefit more than just myself. No reason to be selfish about it.

Please enjoy the blog, and feel free to reach out.